10 Wedding Tips from the Experts That You Should Know

The wedding is an important ceremony for couples who commit themselves to their respective partners and celebrate love and unity. It may all be flowery and sunshine, but we know that planning a wedding is not a bed of roses. The process may get stressful and be draining, no matter how we tell ourselves that all of our hard work will be worth it.

Because of such, we gathered some of the notable points from different experts about their say on a wedding. Take a good read of these ten wedding tips:

Work as a team


We cannot stress the value of teamwork any further. For sure, prior to your wedding engagement, you and your partner had an opportunity to work together. It may be as detailed as planning a trip or maybe just talking about where do you want to eat. Take this chance to get to know your future spouse and yourself even more, on how you the both of you handle pressure and responsibilities. Whatever happens, don’t forget that you are working as one.

Plan ahead of time – do not cram


We Filipinos have that certain inkling towards fixing everything the last minute, and we even have that so-called “Filipino time” a.k.a. not showing up on time. This unfavorable behavior of cramming and procrastination will take a toll on your wedding plans. Do away with this behavior and plan ahead of time. List down all the essentials you need for your big day and track each development. You may have it in a table form containing the following: particulars/ essentials, budget, target date, person-in-charge, status

Familiarize yourself with papers


Before you get so excited about how you will look like on your wedding date, the venue and other important details, you should also familiarize yourself with the necessary documents particularly marriage license. Check the requirements and papers you need to work on and process them as soon as you can.

Set your budget appropriately


Let us be realistic – all of us would love to have a wedding that is worth-remembering but also not draining our accounts. It is nothing but ordinary to be practical. However, you should set your budget appropriately – not over or way under the usual prices. Get to know different providers and what can they offer to you at a low price. For example, there are lots of catering packages for wedding that gives you their service for a low price. Note that you should not comprise the quality of the service you are trying to hire. Ask friends and colleagues for leads and referrals, also for you to get an idea of how much your budget on things should be.

Be honest with your vendors and trust them


Let us say that you have finally agreed with specific vendors. You may feel shy at first on how to deal with them but remember that you got to be honest with them, and trust them too. They are the ones that will help your magical day come true. If you have any concerns, comments or suggestions, tell it to them straight in their face. Being timid and passive will not help you with the planning of your wedding.

Trusting other people may be easier said than done. Again, as mentioned, you have to be open to your vendors. Keep in mind that they are working with you, not just for you. They also need your insights and participation to make everything happen effectively.

Perform a trial-run


Apart from the run of the wedding, also do a trial of your make up and clothing. Sorry to break it but ditch the idea of not wearing your gown before your wedding as it will give you bad luck. It will be worse if you don’t fit your dress and not know that there are some holes or problems with it.

You may want to do some paper run. It is like a technical dress rehearsal kind of thing, but instead of doing everything from the start ‘til the end, you may go over your plans thru reading your schedule or paper.

Have a backup plan


We may have taken everything into account and plan things well. There are hundreds of things that can go against your will and way. Exert all the necessary effort to execute your prior plans. But just in case things are way too hard already, go with your backup plans. Have different ideas ready – not just B, C but maybe all the way up to D.

Give accurate directions


Giving directions to the wedding venue and reception may be a no-thinker game but not for all. Some vendors have nightmares and bad experiences as to how hard it took for them to be able to go the venue. As clients, we are responsible for the directions for GPS and other applications may also fail.

Take things one step at a time


Things may go faster than you thought it would get. The planning and processes will stress, frustrate and pressure you. No matter how many stuff you got on hand, don’t forget to take it one at a time. There’s no need to rush especially if you know you have set your timetable well, right?

Keep in mind what the event is all about


Lastly, breathe in and breathe out. All the while you are doing everything with your partner, vendors, and coordinator, remember what the event is all about. A wedding is not just a ceremony but an exceptional one. Note in mind what keeps you going, and for sure, it will guide you.

Now that you have read the following, aside from the catering packages for wedding, you have a better grasp on what to do for your wedding. We do hope this helped you and you learned a thing or two!

Janice Jaramillo, Associate Editor

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