4 Things That Will Tell You You’re Ready for Marriage

Love is such a beautiful matter to discuss. Many people are searching everywhere in this world just to find it, have tried palm readings and other things to get an idea of their future, and whatnot. I believe it is such a fun, exciting, tiring yet meaningful journey before we finally meet our significant other, the one we are going to tie the knot.

But hold on! Before you invite your partner to get married, can you definitely say you are ready for it? You may say yes because you love that person so much. But is it enough reason? Let us think about it and check out these four things:

You have found your match


Notice how I did not use the term “the one.” It is not that we despise the word, but I believe that it is essential to recognize that the person is not simply the one we are looking for or bound to meet in our lives. I think it is a significant fact that the person you are going to marry is your match.

The match does not mean all of the things you like, he or she like those too. Or maybe you think that opposites attract so everything you love, he or she is not fond of. Well, it can be a mix of those characteristics. But to say someone is your “match,” it goes beyond the likes and dislikes, like and hate, etc. There is that click – you naturally jive together, effortless. However, you know that it’s not what going to make your relationship stronger, so you know how to nourish it well.

The person you are going to marry may compliment your character, challenge your personality, make you stronger and at the same time, you know he or she is your weakness. Your partner may not be your typical person that will instantly make your day better because, let’s face it, sometimes he or she is the reason why you cry out of sadness, frustration or anger. But no matter how unpredictable these moments are, both of you choose to hold on because you know it is worth it. And know that it is not only you feel or realize these things – it is the two of you.

You are ready to enter a new chapter of your life


Getting married and living the married life needs maturity. Remember how our parents, relatives or maybe the books and movies we see always say that relationships, mainly marriage, are for mature people only? Not necessarily strong to endure the hardships as you know that even “weak” ones make beautiful connections. One has to be mature. You think, know and believe and that you are ready and capable of entering a new chapter of your life.

A new chapter of your life – why? Because your individual life doesn’t end once you decided to sign the marriage contract. Sure, you are to be deemed “as one” but you also have to know that you are not going to lose your personal identity. Ironically, that is when you should have a better hold of yourself. Remember that you should not lose yourself in the process, or throughout your marriage. You also have to tell that to your spouse. You may be “one” without losing your unique and special characters as individuals.

You are financially stable


Let us set things straight – our parents or guardians will not be here all the time to guide our actions, support our decisions and most importantly finance us. If you barely have enough money to spend for your wedding day, and do not have enough savings to sustain your married life, think again! Maybe you need to wait and work for a couple of months or even years, depending on your needs.

Married life is not always a walk in a park. Maybe yes, but is Jurassic Park. Blessings will, of course, come our way but you and your partner should also be ready – particularly in finance. Before you think about how materialistic this point is going to be, we are just realistic. How can you buy food for the both of you? Pay your bills? Spend on your housing? How will you get enough money when you decided to have kids?

Know that you don’t have to be rich just to get married. The term we used is financially stable, not filthy rich or something. There might be days where you are in very tight disposition when it comes to money. But you know you will be able to get through this as well. Budgeting and planning now that you are living together may take a while before you get used to it, or also some practice. Don’t worry, and you’ll get there.

You understand marriage and you know it’s not going to be easy


Marriage is not merely the tying of knot where two individuals will be now considered to be one, they will have a beautiful or simple wedding, would probably have kids in the future or maybe not. Marriage is more than the fancy things we see in the movie. We have to accept the fact that the married life is also horrible, and so you need to be prepared and even understand what you are getting yourself into.

I kind of hate it when others ridicule their friends who are getting married that they are going to be imprisoned as if marriage is a life-sentence and you will never be able to see the sunlight. It is a joke, but for sure it doesn’t just surface out of the blue. Perhaps, some of our colleagues who always joke about that have experienced something worse (or have an idea about marriage, I don’t know!) Marriage is not merely about “settling down.” Whatever it is, you should also have a take on what is marriage. You have to understand this commitment on your own.

Basing what marriage from other people is, just like this short post, will help you but I believe it would be more advisable to have your own characterization too. Marriage maybe pertains to a happy family, and in those days, you can find miserable ones where you just don’t know where you are right now. One day, you and your spouse are fine, then the next day you are not. You are going to spend the rest of your life with the person that you love – before it excites you, now it irritates you. Marriage maybe is about nourishing the love you have for your partner because you know sooner or later, everything will get super dull. But at the end of it all, you choose to stay together, and it is not because of the kids, properties, hopes, and dreams; the reason why you are still together is the same one why, in the first place, you decided to marry.

To sum it up, while reading this post you are thinking about your significant other. You are wondering how things will be vis-à-vis what is happening right now. We can do all the reflection and projection, but we won’t be 100% sure of the future as it is uncertain and unpredictable. But like what I said earlier, it may be hard, but it is worth it.

Do you also have your own signs and notes to people who are thinking of getting married? Maybe you want to share your insight as well. Let us discuss the beautiful thing called marriage.

~ Janice Jaramillo, Associate Editor

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