A Guide to Swimsuits for New Moms

A lot of women seem to think that after they’ve had a baby their bodies are no longer beautiful, valuable and desirable. Dear women, get your head straight. You gave birth to a new life and how in the world can that ever be something that ruins your body? All the scars, stretch marks, and loose skin in the world shouldn’t stop you from hitting the beach feeling like a runway model. But even if you feel like you would like to disguise some areas, there are always ways to do that.

Prints and Patterns

There is an unwritten rule that black is your best friend if you want to conceal some lumps and bumps on your body. However, any other shade or color is likely to just amplify and draw attention to that “problem area.” So, if you still want to have some color and be bright and vibrant, give patterns a try. The busier the pattern – the better the camouflage. If you only want the pattern on your lower area, you can pair it with a solid color top that matches. You can also try a black and white print, which will give you a sophisticated look with a little bit of a twist.


Many women simply want to turn to one-pieces when they aren’t feeling their best. And a lot of people feel very comfortable in one-piece swimsuits because they make them feel safe and allow them to let go of the “am I sucking my stomach in enough?” thoughts. But one-pieces aren’t made for making you disappear and they are most certainly not boring. If you have an area that you are very proud of and want to let it stand out, you can try a cut-out one-piece which will show only the parts you want on display. Don’t be fooled – not all one-pieces are modest, so if your goal is modesty, make sure you always try them on and see how they look on your body. Look at things like thigh height, strap width, and cleavage. Find something you feel confident and comfortable in because at the end of the day, the goal of clothing is to make us feel good in them.


If you are ready to embrace your postpartum body in all of its glory and give yourself permission to wear the most amazing bikinis you can find, then you don’t need too many tips, but here’s the short version: If you are still not ready to put your tummy on display, you can opt for high-waisted bottoms which will tuck everything in nicely while still letting you enjoy a bikini. If you are breastfeeding or if your breasts are simply larger from the pregnancy, you will want a top that will hold everything well in place. Avoid strapless tops, ones with thin straps, and without an underwire. You will need the support, so make sure you’ve got it. You might want to try buying something that can transform from shoulder straps to a halter neck, and keep switching it up to relieve some stress from your neck and back. Also, make sure you get one of those modern kaftan tops that will give you a fashionable look and make you feel comfortable and confidante at the beach.

Every woman deserves to feel comfortable in her own skin and if for you that means skipping a few seasons of swimming and staying in a maxi dress on the beach, that is perfectly fine. But don’t let the opinions and looks of strangers deter you from spending time with your child on the beach during the summer if it’s something that you want to do. Shopping for swimsuits is always rough, but if you bring someone along for support and try things that might even be out of your comfort zone, you are sure to find a swimsuit that will last you the season.

~ Diana Smith, Associate Editor

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