Choosing the Right Panties for Your Body Type Made Easy

Interestingly, people generally don’t tend to devote as much attention to choosing underwear as they would to choosing other bits of clothing. However, the right choice of panties can make a huge difference when it comes to the way the rest of your outfit looks on you, especially if you want to wear something fitted. Not to mention that choosing carefully and properly what kind of panties you’re going to wear, will also affect your comfort. Finding the right size and style isn’t at all difficult or complicated if you know how to look.

Get your measurements


For starters, you need to make sure that you know your own size when looking for panties. Most ladies simply buy anything that looks cute as long as it seems that the panties will fit. Of course, most panties are stretchy and they can be worn, but that doesn’t mean that the final look will be as flattering as you may like. So, the simplest way to learn about your right size is to measure your waist and hips. Then, you’ll be able to find your right panties measurement across brands.

Elastic is important


In general, you want to look for panties that have a waistband with firm but not too uncomfortable elastic. Once you know your size thanks to your waist and hip measurements, it’s still essential to look at the elastic bit on the panties. If the waistband is too loose, you may end up pulling the panties up constantly, which definitely isn’t pleasant. But, you don’t want the waistband to be too tight either. This will feel uncomfortable and it will also create unflattering bulges and lumps that won’t make your outfit look good. Also, try to stay away from panties that have elasticized leg holes. This serves no real purpose and can only lead to discomfort as well.

Find the right cut


Of course, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one panties cut, but it can be helpful to know which one(s) will help you achieve the best look. For instance, if you want to show your curves, the flaunting g-string is a great option. You may also want to try out boy shorts. In case your goal is to accentuate your toned belly, you will definitely enjoy bikini briefs. If you tend to wear low ride jeans a lot, you will probably find that low cut briefs will work the best for you. For those of you who feel a bit more self-conscious and want to hide some flaws, high-waisted panties with a control top are a perfect choice. Of course, you can always go with body shaping panties that can lift up your bum in a flattering fashion.

What about bunching undies?


If the undies you already own have started to bunch or sag on you, this is a sign that the panties are too old, and the material has become too stretchy, which is why they are now too big. If there’s nothing else wrong with them, you can keep them for comfortable home leisure, but they definitely shouldn’t be worn outside as the bunching can make you feel uncomfortable as well as ruin the look of your outfit. When you’re buying new undies, you should check whether the fabric has a proper stretch so that you can be positive that sagging, rolling, and bunching won’t happen.

Choosing the fabric


You don’t have to stick to just one fabric when it comes to panties, because everything has its use. In general, cotton is the most favorable and popular option. It is the most comfortable and breathable material. But, if you’re interested in a smooth fit, synthetic fabric is also a great option, especially the panties with no lines or seams. But, even though nylon, Lycra and spandex are all good synthetic materials, the panties should still have cotton crotch lining. When silk undies are concerned, they definitely look and feel luxurious, which is why you should save them for special occasions. Moreover, it’s not good to wear silk undies all the time because they can trap moisture and that can cause infections.

It may require a bit of effort, but taking the time to get your measurements in order to find the right panties fit as well as to check what style looks and feels best on you will change the game for you.

Diana Smith, Associate Editor

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