Dos and Don’ts: Travel Across Australia on a Motorbike

What seems to be an adventure of a lifetime slowly approaches: my boyfriend and I have decided to travel across Australia on his motorbike. After the initial enthusiasm, I started asking myself whether I’m insane for agreeing to do it. To be perfectly honest, I am a fashionista and somewhat a makeup addict, and I find it incredibly difficult to even think about being separated from my favourite clothes and beauty products. That being said, I realized that nothing can compare with the love I feel for my boyfriend and that this trip is not only something that will bring us ever closer, but also a chance to learn a thing or two about myself (and our country).

  • Do: Make plans

I told him straightaway that I do not intend to suffer sitting on a motorbike for several hours just for the sake of traveling. I want to see and experience things, not just roam around from a hotel in one city to another. For weeks I have been buried under maps I printed from Google maps and together we have been browsing the net in order to find some interesting things and places to see. This amazing website BikeRoundOZ has been more than helpful because they give the most useful information and some great tips for traveling all over Australia on a motorcycle. We have decided to explore as much of Western Australia as we can: the city of Perth and a couple of places in proximity being on the very top of our priority list.

  • Do: Decide what you want to see


Since we’re focusing on Western Australia I have been reading about Rottnest Island and the amazing Shark Bay area located between Kalbarri and Carnarvon (which are in itself pretty inviting places as far as I can tell). Because I have been seeing so many stories about quokka selfies I’m dying to do one myself! Quokkas live on Rottnest Island and this is one of the reasons why the area north of Perth seems so inviting to me. We have also decided to visit the Ningaloo reef and perhaps even dive there. Considering the shameful fact that the Great Barrier Reef has been so bleached it’s pronounced dead by the Outside Magazine we are hoping to see some healthy corals.

  • Don’t carry too much

Sadly, I was forced to accept the facts that I am not going to travel by plane or a car and that there is no way for me to carry everything I wanted to. The pieces I am currently packing are all practical (but yet stylish!) but fewer than I would wish. Leather jacket is a must, a couple of comfy yet fashionable playsuits, as well as my favourite vintage Harley Davidson tee, and with it I wear my black ripped shorts or skinny jeans. Not only are these incredibly comfortable and perfect to travel in, but they go perfectly with my favourite accessories: aviator Ray Ban sunglasses and leather bracelets. Yes, I dig the ‘biker chick’ look in case you haven’t noticed. In order to stay myself, I couldn’t resist packing one of my glamorous jumpsuits, just in case. We will have to carry plenty of water (Aussie summers can make your brain boil when you’re on a motorcycle, literally) so we cut the luggage as much as we could: no need to pack a dozen tees and three dresses.

  • Don’t forget about the dangers

I am traveling with my boyfriend so I am feeling safe on the road, but there is always danger on the road. Caught between incredibly dangerous animals and ending up with a possibility of heatstroke, I am really scared of what lies ahead. This is another reason why I started preparing for this trip so early on: I want to know that I have done all that I can to protect us both. I am traveling in my biker boots in case we make a stop and decide to walk around a bit, and a bottle of water within reach so we can take small sips and cool down. Boyfriend is also carrying his toolkit in case anything goes wrong with the bike, and together we prepared a first aid kit while still hoping that we will not have to use it.

So, here it is: we are setting off rather soon and I am determined to go through with it. Even with all the perks and downsides laid out before me I cannot make up my mind whether I am incredibly brave or incredibly insane for agreeing to do this. I guess I won’t know the answer until we’re home safely, but I am positive about one thing: stepping out of your comfort zone is something each and every one of us should do at least once. I hope that, when I look back, I will smile fondly on all the great memories, and to do that I must first let his motorbike and our traveling bags become our home. Wish us both a safe trip.

~ Claire Hastings, Associate Editor

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