Dress For Your Body Type

We have all felt conscious about our body shape or image. Come on, admit it, I know I have. The media tells us each year what we should look like, with their polls on what men find sexy or what looks best in beach wear. We’ve all been pressured to look like different celebrities. In a nutshell, no one is ever happy with their body shape; there is always something we want to change.

Now what the media sometimes doesn’t tell us is that instead of going through difficult diets or gruelling exercise, we can use clothes to make our body shapes look fantastically fabulous.

What you can wear would depend very much so on your figure. For example, if like me, you have to be careful around food because you have an hourglass figure (And boy can I tell you: cake does not love you back) pencil skirts look absolutely amazing on you!

The Triangle Figure:

triangleIf you’re a member of the Triangle clan, you’ll find that your shoulders and waist are much narrower than your hips, this is usually key in identifying the triangle body shape.

When you’re a member of the Triangle clan, you should wear things that balance out your figure. To do this, you should use lighter and brighter colors on the top half of your body. Triangles, you’re possibly one of the lucky bunch when it comes to blazers and shoulder pads are your best friends. Pick up wide, off shoulder necklines and you can use big collars that will highlight your shoulder line. You can use things like ruffles, pleats, and patterns for your top half. To make sure that there is no clashing, make sure the bottom is plain and simple; block colors like black work.

Never wear turtle necks; Ever. Unless you’re in your house at Christmas chillaxing with a cup of tea and watching the “Downton Abbey” special, then you can make an acceptation. Avoid any Tulip or bubble skirts, pleats, gathers, or patterns around the hip area and don’t go for extra skinny or baggy pants.

The Inverted Triangle Figure:

Basically, this one is the opposite of the Triangle Clan, you have wide shoulders and smaller hips and typically (you lucky, lucky people) have a large and full bust; definitely useful to your advantage. Now, for the inverted Triangle, you’d want to wear darker colors on top and lighter on the bottom. For you, pleated or full skirts work wonderfully. Make sure your wardrobe contains wide legged or flared at the bottom pants. If you’re a denim kind of girl, Bootcut is perfect for you. Make sure you make the waist stand out by wearing large belts. Wear V-neck on top and avoid patterns up there. Don’t even touch big collars or sleeves and try not to wear skinny pants and straight skirts.

The Rectangle Figure:


With this figure you would have hips and shoulders of width, you guys have the long legs! Which are unquestionably usable to your advantage! If you like this body shape, you can choose outfits that stress your figure like box dresses, untailored blazers and so on. If you want to look curvier, you need to work at the waist so you would need to increase the hips and the shoulders width by wearing flared skirts and fitted blazers. Emphasize your waistline by wearing a gathered waist or straight dresses with waist belts. Be careful with this, as it is a very touch and go style If you’re big boned, you may end up looking heavy and that’s the last thing you want.

Mainly, I’d recommend working with your legs. Flared at the bottom pants look very nice on long legs or a straight pant, but always fitted. Skirts should go no lower than the knee; make it your new number one rule. Don’t even touch long and low necklines and stay as far away as possible from baggy clothes. Save them for the “Can’t be bothered days”!!

The Oval/Rounded Figure:

For this figure, your shoulders can be narrower or wider than your hips, or vice versa. You may have a fuller neck and your legs may or may not be in good shape.

You’re new rule is to wear dark colors on top and  introduce vertical lines to your wardrobe and V-necks. Long necklaces and scarves are a favorable accessory. Try wearing tops and bottoms with the same colors such as black, which can be used at formal events to look elegant and elongate your body. Wearing bold jewelery helps massively!!

Leave out the small patterns, ruffles, details around the waist and bust area, and very fitted styles. Try not to tuck in your tops!

The Hourglass Figure:

hourNow this figure would have equal hips and a bustline! If you have this figure, you are extremely lucky! You need to emphasize your waistline; to do this, belts work extremely well. As I said before, Hourglasses look spectacular in skirts such as a pencil type. This figure can pretty much pull of anything except box type dresses, which from experience do nothing for you.

Hourglasses may or may not have a big bust. Stay away from baggy clothes and try not to put your belt too high, as this could make you look like you’ve gained weight or that your bust is a lot bigger than it really is. Try to stay away from things like angular silhouettes!

If you follow these simple guidelines, you should be set for any occasion! Remember, you should never have to hate your body and believe everything the media tells you. Don’t follow the silly diets in the magazines that celebrities have supposedly done, because sometimes they’re not true. You should never take on a diet if you haven’t spoken to a Doctor about it.

The most beautiful curve on a woman is her smile, so don’t forget to!

Don’t panic if you don’t know your body type! There are multiple quizzes on the internet to find out! Personally I recommend the “Channel four” one as it gives you a more in depth description.

~ Charlotte Louise, Associate Editor


  1. Hello there!!!!!

    As a fashion blogger myself, I found your post to be extremely informative!!! In addition to being a blogger, I am also a full-figured model, therefore, in my posts, I stress the important of knowing your body type and dressing for it accordingly. My motto is, “Just because it’s in your size, doesn’t mean that it’s for your body!” Like you, I believe that if more people dressed for their body types, they may learn to love the person they see in the mirror. Good job! 🙂

    Ms. Golden (Sogoldn.blogspot.com)

  2. Hi Marquita,

    Thank you for taking the time to read Charlotte’s article. I am now following you on Twitter and am also following your blog. Thank you for supporting Nikki’s Fashion Diary!

    ~ Nikki

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