How to Look Great at the Gym

Going to the gym regularly and staying fit is a great way to be healthy and feel good. However, just because you spend your time breaking a sweat, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look good while you’re working those biceps. You never know when you will meet someone, so you shouldn’t risk looking ridiculous in shorts that are too tight. So, check out the following guide that’ll help you feel and look good at the gym.


Cotton is the most suitable fabric for working out. It absorbs sweat and allows your skin to breathe. Therefore, invest in a load of plain, cheap and comfortable cotton T-shirts. Stay away from bright neon or light colours, to avoid obvious sweat stains. White is also not the best option, because eventually, the yellow sweat stains will form in the underarm area. Furthermore, buy T-shirts with inconspicuous logos. Also, if you opt for a bundle deal, you might get a lower price than if you shop for various brands.

Shorts and Tracksuit Bottoms

Shorts are best for cardio workouts, running, and leg workouts. However, keep in mind that they should not be below the knee, too tight or too baggy. Look for the cut that goes just above your knee and you’ll look great. Neutral colours are the best choice, because you can match them with a T-shirt of any colour. When it comes to an ideal fabric, cotton mixed with polyester or spandex is your safest choice. It will be both comfortable and stylish. When you’re working on your upper body, a tracksuit makes the perfect trendy gym wear choice.


A pair of high quality comfortable trainers is simply a must for a good workout. What’s more, aside from thinking about your comfort and safety, you should make sure your gym trainers are suitable for the gym. You shouldn’t wear the same pair while working out, and when you go to meet your friends for a cup of coffee. Keeping the trainers clean should be your priority, because you can tell a lot about one’s personality just by looking at their footwear. Therefore, change the trainers every six months to keep your ankles injury-free and your gym outfit impeccable.

Gym Bag

When you have trendy, high-quality gym wear, it’s only natural that you’ll need a place to carry it all in. So, here, a stylish gym bag will be your perfect choice. It’s a much better choice than packing all your shorts, trainers, towels and other gym essentials into a plastic supermarket bag. Not only will a bag look cool, but it will also be much more convenient.

General Rules

Going to the gym is like going to any other public place, whether that’s a walk down the park, a night out or the mall. It requires a well-combined look, so pay attention when putting your clothes on. Mixing two or three colour tops is a safe choice, so stick to navy blue, black, or red. Make sure to leave all of your jewelry in your gym bag, because it’s neither safe nor cool to workout with a chain necklace bouncing all over your chest while you run on the treadmill.

Deciding what to wear to the gym is as important as deciding what to wear on a date. Think about the colours you’ll match and which cuts and fabrics you’ll incorporate into your gym outfit, as these are vital if you want to both feel and look good while working out. Therefore, always wear cotton T-shirts, stick to shorts in neutral colours that go just above your knee, change your trainers at least once a year, and keep everything packed in a trendy gym bag.

Diana Smith, Associate Editor

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