How to Look Like an Instagram Influencer

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There’s no reason to be shy about it – we all want to wake up, get up, open our closets and pick out items that, once combined, make us look like one of our favorite fashion influencers. That’s the entire reason we follow them – we want to know where they got that dress and that killer blouse, but we also want to be inspired on our not-so-great and creative days and steal some styling secrets for ourselves. In order to help you on this road we are here with a list of, not so much rules as guidelines on how to achieve that Instagram-worthy look. If you follow these cues to the letter, you will never again walk out the door looking anything short of Instagram perfection, no matter where you’re going and what’s on your daily agenda.

Know your body


You will rarely catch a fashion influencer wearing something that doesn’t quite suit her. That is because they are very aware of their body type and always make sure they’re dressed in a way that represents them in the best possible light. As we are all different, the chances of something off-the-rack fitting us perfectly are usually slim. However, if the garment in question has potential, have it altered so it does your body justice. In addition to that, it’s vital you know your way around patterns. Larger than life florals or crazy prints can swallow you if you’re petite, or make you appear larger than you are if you’re a curvy girl. When this is the case, stick to single colors, tiny florals and the ever-flattering vertical stripes, like the gorgeous Courney Quinn does.

Make it your own


The reason so many fashion influencers have such a large following is that each of them brings something new to the table. We have the stunning Pernille Teisbaek who has, in one of her outfits, taken a very risky route combining biker shorts and a chic green blazer. Yes, the look is a tad experimental, but the point is, she took the athleisure trend and made it her own. Of course, if you’re not into mixing items that belong to such diametrically opposed styles, you can swap the biker shorts with amazing leggings and exude your athleisure vibes, staying on point and on trend without risking looking silly.

Put your money where it’s needed


                                                         Photo by Radu Florin on Unsplash                              

While there are some macro-influencers out there who always look like they just put on everything from the latest runway collections, others are more relatable and make us feel that we can definitely look like they do. The key to looking like a million dollars lies in two little tricks – purchasing clothes in colors that simply look expensive, such as grey, black, camel and white, and the second is investing in one statement piece that will lift everything up. So, don’t waste enormous amounts of money on jeans – you can find incredible ones at high-street and fast-fashion stores. Save your money and make your statement with a designer bag. A bag is after all the glue that holds it all together, and if you have one style MVP, you are out of the woods.

Make your mark


                                                       Photo by Cesar La Rosa on Unsplash                                 

Some influencers are known for wearing gentle pastels, feminine and frilly cuts. Others are the queens of statement dressing, matching and mixing prints. The third group is reserved for sworn minimalists. The way to stand out is consistency. Fashion influencers sometimes fall prey to trends, as it is their job to keep up with them. However, a real person is better off picking a lane, or even two and practice mixing them to perfection. You can be a minimalist who is known for her pops of color introduced through bags or interesting choices of heels. You can mix the corporate with the athletic look and rock your pencil skirts and power suits with sleek tennis shoes and simple white tees. The point is, when making new additions to your wardrobe, it’s vital to keep in mind the items you already know. A touch of trendiness is always welcome, just as long as you don’t risk throwing your established sense of style off track.

Add a touch of pizzazz


                                                       Photo by Cesar La Rosa on Unsplash                                    

Perhaps you have a thing for bold hair color choices, are eternally in love with structured statement jewelry, or can’t help but adore neck scarves and almost faint when you see a great pair of sunglasses. Whichever member of the accessory family has you obsessed, make it known to the world by stocking up and making an entire collection – a happy family of accessories if you will. Every instagrammer is known for something – her hats, her watches, head bands or bags. Be like one of them, choose your obsession, build it up and make yourself recognizable and distinct. If they can gather a massive following by fostering a unique style, you can stop traffic and gather some compliments by creating and nurturing your own signature staples.

Claire Hastings, Associate Editor

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