How to Optimize Your Makeup and Outfit for Holiday Pics

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The holiday season is upon us, which means parties, dinners, and family gatherings — all of which result in plenty of holiday pictures. Want to look your best in photos this year? Follow these top tips for making sure your makeup and outfit are on point.

Pamper Your Skin


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Great skin is the foundation to looking great both IRL and in pictures. Get a leg up on your beauty prep and give yourself a pretty glow by pampering your skin. We love sheet masks because they are super effective and easy to clean up—if they aren’t a part of your routine already, try doing a mask once a week, followed by moisturizer, to get going on your healthy holiday glow.

Prime Your Face, Lips, and Eyes


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Primer will be your secret weapon this season — it will help extend the life and the vibrancy of your makeup so that your pictures look top notch all day and night. We recommend investing in specific formulas for your lips, face, and eyes, as the composition of the skin in each of these areas differs from other parts of your face.

Find the Best Makeup for Your Environment


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How much makeup you wear and what colors you choose depends on whether your photos will be taken mostly in the daylight or at night. For daytime, think slightly softer hues and techniques: the smoldering smoky eye or inky black liquid liner might come off a little too harsh in daytime pictures. At night, you have a little more flexibility — go for that bold red lip, heavy contouring, or layered eyeshadow. If you’re really interested in upping your makeup game and trying a new technique this holiday season, watch a YouTube tutorial or take a class to help you master it.

Stick with Solid Colored Clothing


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While we adore patterns and prints, when thinking about photo ops, it generally pays to go with solid-colored clothing, which can flatter without being distracting. For an ensemble that is pretty and festive, but will still look fantastic when the pictures end up on Instagram, we recommend party dresses in dark colors or jewel tones. Pair with heels for a dressy event or ankle boots and dark tights if you’re feeling a little more casual, and voila! You’ve got a versatile, photo-ready outfit that will look gorgeous all winter long.

Make Sure You’ve Got Great Undergarments


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Don’t underestimate the power of good shapewear and properly fitting undergarments to change the look of your entire outfit. What’s the point of having an amazing, all-eyes-on-you dress if your undergarments are bunched or show through the fabric? The right undergarments will help your clothes fit properly, eliminate any awkward lumps, bunching, or lines, and even remind you to maintain better posture—all of which will help you look and feel more confident in your holiday pics.

Elongate Your Body


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Everybody we know wants to look longer and leaner in photos, and most of these tricks come down to your wardrobe choices. To look like you’ve gained a few more inches of height, try dressing in monochrome (think pants and a top in the same hue, or a dress with matching color tights), opt for a v-neck neckline if possible, which will subtly add length to your neck, and wear at least a little heel to give yourself that extra boost. Avoid separates in light colors, extra-wide belts, or anything that noticeably cuts your body in half.

Accessorize Strategically


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While you definitely don’t want to go overboard with too many distracting accessories for your holiday look, a little bit of glimmering jewelry or the perfect belt will help you look polished and put together for photos. Think of accessories as a useful way to direct attention to body parts and features that you want to emphasize and show off. A tasteful and subdued handcrafted necklace or a pair of pearl earrings are a lovely way to draw attention to your face (and that perfect makeup!) without overwhelming your entire ensemble.

Whatever this holiday season brings your way, be sure to enjoy this happy time of year with friends and family who make you smile—in addition to great makeup and on-trend fashion, joy and confidence go a long way in making holiday photos look beautiful and memorable!

~ Tess DiNapoli, Associate Editor

About the Author:

Tess DiNapoli is a fashion writer and content strategist. She specializes in collaborative branding efforts with up-and-coming designers and fashion companies.

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