How to Start a Fashion Blog

Have you ever thought about starting your own fashion blog but just didn’t know how or where to start? It is an undertaking initially, as there are a lot of components to consider. It can be overwhelming but the key to figuring it out is researching ahead of time. Inform yourself and become knowledgeable before you decide to make any decisions. Once you have your blog, the accomplishment you’ll feel, will be completely worth it.

Reasons to start your own blog:

  • You’re sick and tired of writing for other people
  • Tired of abiding by the rules and standards of others
  • Complete freedom
  • You get to be the boss
  • Unleash your creativity
  • Resume builder

All of these reasons applied to me, so that is why I decided to create this blog seven years ago. My Bachelors degree is in Fashion and I realized I enjoyed writing about fashion, as I progressed throughout my program. Since I didn’t have my own blog at the time, I was at the mercy of writing for others. I realized quickly…I didn’t like it. I was an intern at a publishing company and it was at this internship that I realized I wanted to pursue my own fashion blog.

Let me tell you…no one held my hand. No one showed me how to do it. I had the passion and desire to learn on my own and teach myself. If I can do it, then so can you :mrgreen: .

Here is what you’ll need to think about, when it comes to setting up your blog.

  • Content Management System aka Blogging Platform

You will need to decide if you’ll be using WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Weebly, Tumblr, Squarespace, Joomla, etc. You have to store your content somewhere, as it needs a place to live.

What kind of platform are you looking for? There are those with templates, which means you are confined to only operating within the parameters of that template (WordPress). These templates are setup like a newspaper, where there is a header, sidebar, body, and footer. You can only work within the regions of that template. In other words, if you want to really customize your website/blog, then this is not the option for you. What you need is a drag and drop editor (Wix) that allows you to take a completely blank website/canvas and arrange anything you want on the page, without being defined by regions.

I manage four websites where three of them are on WordPress and one of them is on Wix. WordPress is a bit of a learning curve because you have to understand how it operates and know that you’ll need plugins for everything you want to do. These plugins add functionality and features to your site that must constantly get updated (SEO, Editor, Sliders, Performance, Images, Fonts, Analytics, etc.). I am completely comfortable with the ins and outs of WordPress, but I’ve had time to understand it and figure it out. Wix is great because it lets you have total creativity and you can have total flexibility to design your website, your way. Wix is great for artists, designers, and creatives who don’t want to be limited or boxed in.

  • Free Vs. Paid 

If you choose WordPress, you can download it for free. You can use free templates and you can even have your (.com) name free if you keep “wordpress” in your (.com) name. For example if your blog title is “Emily’s Fashion” then your free WordPress site would be “” If you don’t want “wordpress” showing up in your site URL, then you’ll have to pay a 3rd party web hosting company or pay WordPress to have your site listed as “”

I never recommend free templates…ever! When you use a free template, it’s not secure nor protected from hackers. I learned this mistake personally, as I used a free template for my site. I had been using the template for maybe two years before it got hacked. When I put in my website URL, my website pulled up with a skull and cross bones and writing on it saying that I had been hacked. The hacker will certainly let you know that you’ve been hacked. I was freaking out and called the company who hosts my site. They informed me to simply purchase a template and download it over my free template and all would be well again in the world. When I bought my template, I paid $80 for it. After that, any additional template I wanted from the same company was only $18. I ended up buying my themes/templates from

  • Domain Name

Now that you’ve decided on your platform, you’ll need to decide on a domain name. A domain name is the title of your blog/website. In our example, we’ve decided on “Emily’s Fashion.” You’ll need to check to see if that name is taken or not. When you search, the domain name registry will inform you if the (.com, .net., .org, etc.) is available or taken. These are just two example sites where you can check to see the availability of your name.

  • Web Hosting Site

You will need a web hosting service which makes your website/blog accessible on the Internet for everyone else to view. You have the option to host your site as an all inclusive package with the platform you’ve chosen (WordPress, Blogger, Wix) or use a 3rd party to host your site (HostGator, GoDaddy, BlueHost, etc.).

For example, my three WordPress sites are hosted by a different web hosting company, not associated with WordPress. You might ask yourself, why not just pay WordPress to host your site and get it all done by one company, like a one-stop-shop? The 3rd party web hosting company is cost effective, I get total control of my C-Panel, I get free emails associated with my website, I can delete my email and add a new one anytime I like (if I’m getting too much spam on that email), I get customer service support where I can immediately chat with a rep if I need help, and I use a security feature to hide my personal info. from being shown on the Internet. Some web hosting companies will charge you $5 extra a month or more, just to get an email associated with your website. For example, instead of using where it is unprofessional, these other places will charge you more for It pays to shop around and really see what kind of features you’re going to get with the web hosting company you go through. Not all are created equal!

Those are the major areas that you’ll need to focus on first. Once you get past those, you’ll then be ready to start creating and producing content. That is the fun part 🙂 . What I guarantee will happen is that you’ll redesign your site multiple times, swap out templates, and constantly update your site with the changing times. I hope that you find this information useful and I can’t wait for you to start your fashion blog!

~ Nikki, Fashion Editor

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