Luxury Vacation Packing Guide

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The end of each year, or the beginning of the next one, is not only a time during which we are supposed to make New Year’s resolutions. It’s also a time during which we should reflect on the previous year and make plans for the following one – and talking about plans, we should also at least get the slightest idea of where we’re going to travel. Unless you want to save some money on the tickets and accommodation, you can book your plane tickets later in the year, but it would be a good idea to at least know where you want to go and how to properly pack for that certain trip (especially bearing in mind that years pass quicker and quicker). So – where to go and what to pack?


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The first trip that we want to plan is the one we will be taking during the spring months of the following year. In order to fully experience this amazing season, the most advisable option is to go somewhere where you can envy the greenery of the nature and where you will encounter many examples of amazing plants and flowers. One such place is Italy, as this particular country is mesmerizingly beautiful in spring.

What to pack?

As far as the packing essentials are concerned, remember that spring is not summer, nor is it winter. This means that you need to take jackets with you, but if you want to take a good photograph next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you can choose a camel trench coat as these are very popular at the moment and you will look extremely fashionable. Italy is, after all, all about fashion so you need to pay attention to this.


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There is not so much we can say about the destinations for your summer holiday – anything with a nice beach will be a great idea. Be it the Bahamas, Australia or Spain; just make sure the beaches are beautiful enough as you want to remember this holiday.

What to pack?

It’s always very difficult to pack for a summer holiday as you never know what exactly you might need. First of all, since it’s summer, after all, make sure to choose a good swimsuit. It’s 2019, so it would be wise to go with certain original yet high-quality swimsuits, and amazing luxury swimwear from Contessa Volpi might be an excellent idea for your 2019 holiday. Not only will you be unique on the beach, but your photos will look amazing while wearing one of their swimsuits.

Autumn and winter

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It seems that we lack autumn – it’s either extremely hot or cold, so this is the reason why we fused these two seasons together. After all, the ideal place for these seasons is a place that can get chilly, so if you really want something that you will like and that can be pretty authentic, you might want to consider Iceland or rural Germany as the destinations for your next autumn/winter holiday. Not only will you be witnessing some of the best landscapes for this time of the year, but you can also learn a lot about the culture of each of these destinations. Even though we don’t like cold weather that much, some countries are best visited in autumn and winter as this is when their most beautiful landscapes become even more awe-inspiring.

What to pack?

First of all, make sure to have all the coziest and most comfortable sweaters and shoes that you own. You really want to take that picture of you drinking scorching hot tea while there’s snow or a fairytale-like castle behind you, don’t you? This is why choosing sweaters with nice prints is a must. Moreover, bring your warmest jackets with you – it might happen that you feel the cold slightly more than the locals there as you might not be used to this kind of temperature (especially after the hot summer).

Conclusion: The essentials

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We perhaps failed to mention the essentials of each travel – the passport, plane tickets and credit cards, but hopefully, we don’t need to emphasize that! Also, make sure to bring a power bank and your camera – all these places are worth remembering and you will definitely spend a lot of time trying to find that perfect angle of the small Italian street.

Have an amazing trip!

Claire Hastings, Associate Editor

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