Top 5 Secrets for Making a Long Distance Relationship Work

Life isn’t always fair or easy – everybody knows that. You often need to overcome a series of obstacles in order to achieve happiness. But what happens when those obstacles stand in the way of true love? Being separated for prolonged periods of time may seem hopeless. But long distance relationships aren’t necessarily doomed from the word go. Here are some secrets to keep your love going, even when you are miles apart.

Approach it positively


Of course, spending time physically apart is bound to be hard. But it’s important to face this situation with the right mindset. If you adopt a defeatist approach, convinced that this separation spells doom for your love, then that’s very likely to happen. Instead, think of it as the proof of love you have for each other. If you can make it through this time apart, your bond will only grow stronger.

Don’t forget to communicate


Communication is key in any relationship, but in a long distance one, it’s basically all you’ve got. Take the time to check in with each other every day. It’s equally important to talk about your feelings, as well as the people and events in your daily life – even trivial ones. If your separation is supposed to last for a longer period of time, you might find yourself drifting apart otherwise. Sometimes couples get wrapped up into talking only about their feelings, and over time they discover that they don’t really know anything about each other’s lives anymore. So, talk about friends, routines, meals and whatever else makes up your life, even if it seems silly and unimportant. A successful long distance relationship relies on that, just as much as it does on sweet love declarations and important feelings discussions.

Figure out sex


Just because you’re apart, doesn’t mean you have to give up sex. Neglecting to feed your mutual sexual tension could result in emotional distance and even infidelity. Whether it’s a few provocative texts, a naughty phone call, or a steamy webcam session, it’s necessary to keep the fire burning. Talk to your partner to figure out what you’re both comfortable with and establish a healthy sexual routine that works for the both of you. As long as you’re on the same page about the frequency and method, sex shouldn’t be a stumbling point, even when you’re apart.

Schedule visits IRL


If your time apart is supposed to last a significant chunk of time, you need to talk beforehand about how often you’re going to visit each other in real life. For most people, money is always at least somewhat of an issue, and plane tickets aren’t cheap, so it’s easy to fall into the trap of always delaying until the right moment which never comes. Also, figure out what you want to do when you ultimately do see each other. Do you want to schedule a bunch of activities and social events? Or would you just like to spend all your time alone, just enjoying each other’s company and relaxing? There’s no wrong answer, as long as it’s what both of you want.

Trust each other


Misunderstandings can escalate and fester pretty fast when you’re not face to face with your partner. Always be completely honest and discuss anything that’s making you uncomfortable. Building lasting trust is the basis of every healthy relationship, and especially long distance ones.

There’s no denying that long distance relationships take more effort. However, if you and your partner realize that and face the problems head-on, there’s no reason why your love shouldn’t thrive. And after all, real love is always worth fighting for.

Diana Smith, Associate Editor

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