Dog Harness Review by Mugenter

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Fashion isn’t just for humans, it’s for our wonderful little pups too. I had the privilege of reviewing a very needed accessory for my dog…a dog harness!

The company Mugenter is the manufacturer and brand owner of all Mugenter products. They have just started selling on Amazon from last year. At the beginning, they sold electronic products such as power strips and power banks. However, they changed their product line to pet accessories at the end of 2017. The dog vest harness is their first pet accessory product.

You can buy their dog harness on Amazon HERE. They have images to guide you through the visual element of how to put the harness on your dog. There is sizing chart to help you with the best fit to measure the length, neck, and chest. The sizes are small, medium, large, and extra large. My dog is a 26 lb. dog who required a ‘large’ size harness. I made sure that the harness wouldn’t be too small or too big. The most crucial part of ordering is correctly measuring your dog. Make sure there is enough wiggle room for your dog to grow into the harness or if your dog gains weight.

I was so excited when my harness arrived! What’s great is that it came with a car seat belt restraint and a leash.

Dog harness, car seat belt restraint, and leash

Dog harness front. Adjustable straps for a loose or tighter fit.

Dog harness back. Flexible with a soft cushion.

Car seat belt restraint. Can be adjusted for a longer length if needed.

Dog leash. Measures 44 inches, which is roughly over 3 1/2 feet.

It was time to put the harness on my dog, Tinkerz. Instructions did not come with the harness, but you don’t need them, as long as you have a visual to look at, such as the images on their Amazon site. The visuals were so very helpful for me, as I’m a visual person, so seeing, rather than reading plain text is perfect for me. Here is what the harness looks like on my dog…

This harness was so comfortable, flexible, and I love that it’s adjustable. My dog sat in our yard with it on for awhile and she ran, barked, and walked in it almost as if she didn’t even have it on. The neck was wide enough that it did not choke her. What I like is that the leash when walking her, moves from side to side with ease and flexibility, as your dog moves from the left and to the right. No hard tugging or pulling with this leash on the harness because the way the harness was constructed, it allows the leash to move with it, in the direction of your dog’s movement. Great quality, sturdy construction, yet it feels effortless to use.

The car seat belt restraint is such a smart and clever add on to this harness. It clips in the front and in the back of the harness. You have both of these options, depending if you put your dog in the front seat, the back seat, if your dog is sitting or laying down.

Here is what the car seat belt restraint looks like on my dog…

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If you would like to learn more about the company and their other products, please visit

If you would like to watch the full video of my review, see my dog’s movement in it, and more, please watch the following video:

~ Nikki, Fashion Editor

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