Lypsyl Lip Balm Review

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If you are like me, then you’ve tried countless lip balms and lip products to moisturize your dry lips. Most of them being only temporary fixes or not working, it can be frustrated to find “the one.” I was given the opportunity to review Lypsyl’s Original Mint Lip Balm and I’m so glad I did.

I was given two full size lip balms to review and could not wait to try them out!

About The Product:


Sweden’s #1 best-selling lip balm, Lypsyl, is made with deep penetrating Silky Swedish Beeswax for long lasting moisture you can feel.  Lypsyl’s Original Mint formula, quickly cools and comforts, and keeps lips soft and smooth for hours.

  • Minty flavor refreshes
  • Organic Shea Butter heals & protects
  • Coconut Oil moisturizes
  • Vitamins A&E soften & heal
  • Not tested on animals

The Packaging


The packaging makes me feel like summer! The yellow packaging feels like sunshine, honey, and bees. The green touches feel like grass and leaves from outside.

What I am loving is the adorable bee slider on the side. It’s such a cute extra special little touch that is quite charming.

The Review


When I used the bee slider to advance the lip balm up, what I noticed is that you do have to use force to initially get the bee slider to go upward. It does sort of hurt your thumb and the bee slightly leaves an indented impression on your thumb for a moment. I think having the bee slider locked in place more firmly helps because that way you’ll know that the slider won’t accidentally get raised or knocked upward, which can smoosh the balm into the cap. Knowing that you have to intentionally use a bit of force is a good safety precaution, so that your balm remains in place.

You do get a significant amount of lip balm as this does raise pretty high. Once you’re done using the balm, you’ll press down on the bee slider. When you do this, you’ll hear a click, which will alert you that your balm is all the way down. No fear of smooshing the balm in the cap!

When applying the balm, the shape of the oval feels really good against my lips.

The balm:

  • Smells minty with a honey undertone
  • Feels creamy
  • Feels thick
  • Feels smooth

I tested the balm out day 1 and day 2. What I found was shocking! I only needed to apply the balm once. Yes…you heard me…once! I am someone who applies chapstick and lip balms about every 2 to 3 hours. I only applied this lip balm once a day and I tested this theory out day two, with the same result as the first day. There was no need for me to re-apply the lip balm constantly like most other balms I’ve used. Once a day is all you need!

I was blown away by how this products works! I have no idea how they make it work like this, but this is my all time new favorite lip balm. It’s seriously the best lip balm ever!

If you would like to buy this for yourself, it retails for $2.99 and is sold at Walmart,, and Meijer. If you buy it online at, it will only cost $2.82. This is such an affordable lip balm and the only lip balm you should be using.

If you would like to check out my YouTube review, watch my video below:


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I couldn’t be more happier or thrilled with such an amazing product. I will be telling anyone and everyone I know about this magical little balm. It is truly a miracle worker!

~ Nikki, Editor

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