MRVON Dog Poop Bag Review

*This is a sponsored post for MRVON*

Did I ever think I would be excited about poop before? No, but guess what? I am! I can’t wait to pick up my dog’s poop with MRVON’s poop bags.

If you have a dog, than you already know that not all dog poop bags are created equal. I have used my fair share of poop bags that are flimsy, thin, and too short. Finding the right poop bag is like Goldilocks finding the right pourage. But alas, my poop bag fairy Godmother aka MRVON has come to the rescue!

The Packaging


What I love about the box they came in is that when you turn the box around, you see the cute scene of the dog, poop, and grass around the entire box. The package is made of recycled content, which will make you feel good about recycling the box when you’re done. Seeing a sneak preview of the bags in the box is really helpful as a buyer.

What I also like is their logo, which is a cute dog. They even use this logo as a sticker that you just peel off the bag dog to open it.

About The Product


  • 270 dog poop bags total
  • 18 rolls
  • 4 month supply
  • 3 colored bags (pink, green, & purple)
  • Biodegradable, allergy free, ECO-friendly
  • Easy to tear off
  • Bags fit in all standard dispensers
  • Unscented bags are good for sensitive dogs
  • Extra strong for poops of all sizes
  • Easy tear off
  • Anti-leakage

The Review


When I opened the box, the dog bag colors were just so eye catching. Making the colors of the bags vibrant is a really great way to make a normally gross job FUN!

When I took one of the rolls out, I noticed that the dog on the cover of the box they came in, was the same dog on the bags. I love that this is a cohesive look and feel!

They made the perforated line to tear the dog bags really easy to see and tear.

Once torn apart and opened, here is what all three dog bags look like. These bags are thick, strong, and high quality.

Now it was time to use the dog bags and test them out. When I put my hand in the bag, it felt protected by the thickness of the bag and by the length. This is not a flimsy bag and it is very strong, as your fingers won’t accidentally bust through and touch poo.

This is a high quality sturdy bag that I had shaken and thrown and it held it’s own. I even put water in in it to test the anti-leakage and the bag held up and supported the water, even after I had twirled it around and shook it.

*Make sure to check out my YouTube video below for a demonstration to see how the bag holds up with poop and water*

These poop bags are truly ahhmazing! They work phenomenally well and are probably the strongest poop bags I’ve encountered yet. If you would like to try these for yourself, you can get them with my promo code for $6.99 (Note: this is a limited time offer). Regular price is $10.99.

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Make sure to watch my YouTube review below:


I can’t wait to pick up my dog’s poo!!! MRVON made it so exciting to actually want to pick up poo because I know that these bags are incredibly strong and I won’t get and poo on my fingers. Thank you so much for making me and my doggie so happy with our new bags.

~ Nikki, Editor

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