Pet Product Review: Pet Magasin + (GIVEAWAY – U.S. Only)

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I had the privilege of reviewing some pet products, sent to me by the brand, Pet Magasin. The company was so very to kind to send me a dog leash, pet nail clippers, and a set of three pet brushes. I used these items on my dog (Tinkerz) and cat (Pepper), who were happy to help review them with me, as my doggie got a “free walk” out of it and my cat got luxuriously brushed.

I first reviewed the dog leash with my adorable doggie, Tinkerz. What was really nice about this leash was that is glided easily, even on the windy day I used it. It also came with an attachable dog bag holder that hooks right onto the handle. I like that this was a two-in-one and it made it really easy to not have to worry about shoving single dog bags in my coat or pants pockets. Have the dog bag container attached right on the handle was super convenient. Also, the doggie bag container stayed put and did not fall off at all while walking.

The next item that I reviewed was a set of three brushes to use on my dog and cat.

The three brushes that I reviewed are:

  • Double Sided Brush

  • Long Tooth Undercoat Dog Rake

  • De-matting Comb

I loved the double sided brush and the de-matting comb for my cat! My cat enjoyed being brushed with both of these brushes. So much hair came out of these brushes from my cat, that I couldn’t believe it. The de-matting comb worked amazing on my cat to really remove all the fur that was building up. My cat especially liked his face brushed, as he rubbed the sides of his face on both sides of the brush.

My doggie liked the feel of the brushes, but she is a short haired dog, so no hair came out in the brushes for her. These brushes are great on long haired pets! I don’t think I understood how to use the undercoat dog rake, but just using them on my pets felt good to them, I’m sure.

I was sent nail clippers, but I did not use them on my cat or dog. I am terrified of cutting my dogs nails by myself, as some of her nails are black and I have no idea where the vein is. I don’t want to go hurting her by going too far down and drawing blood. I don’t feel confident in myself to cut my dogs nails, so I have the vet do it for me and they had just cut her nails recently. My cat’s nails are declawed in the front and he is weird about me touching his back paws. That is why I didn’t end up using the nail clippers on either of my pets.

To learn more about the company and products, please visit them at:

Spoiler alert…there’s a GIVEAWAY!

Pet Magasin was so generous that they sent me an extra set (Dog Leash, Set of Brushes, and Nail Clippers) to giveaway to one lucky winner! In order to win the giveaway, watch my YouTube video below and comment in the description box on the video on YouTube:


1.) Your pet’s name

2.) What you love most about your pet

I really enjoyed reviewing these products and am so very thankful to Pet Magasin and BrandBacker. Let me know if you’ve used products from Pet Magasin and what you like about them.

~ Nikki


  1. Denise Johnson says:

    So sorry about your pup 🙁 Thanks for the review; these do look like nice brushes.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. It’s so hard to do a pet review and lose a dog at the same time, along with it being the holidays. But, I know he is in doggie heaven eating a ton of bones and unlimited amounts of steak! Those brushes do pick up a lot of hair. Great on long hair!

  3. I love the way Cooper loves me

  4. Awww…how sweet! That’s a great reason why you love your pet.

  5. We have 4 rescue dogs, so it’s hard to pick. But I will say our first dog, Yuki. He’s a Pomeranian we found on the street 8 years ago. He’s the misty loving cuddle bug! Despite being severely abused and neglected, he’s very affectionate and happy!

  6. You are a wonderful person for rescuing all your doggies! I am a rescue mom to my dogs and the cats I’ve had. I 100% believe in rescuing animals. Yuki sounds adorable! I’m so glad that he’s loved so much by you and your family.

  7. Hi Sharon,

    You won the giveaway!! Can you send me your full name and address through my contact form?

    ~ Nikki

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