Product Review: Hot Tools Deep Waver

My hair is naturally curly, so did I ever think about curling, crimping, or creating fake waves in my hair? The answer was “No” until I actually grew my hair out. I only starting thinking about creating different looks with my hair as I faced the inevitable challenge of making my unruly curls into something manageable. In my mind, I was like, “I already have curly hair, so why would I need to add more curls or waves into it?”

I have had short hair for 10+ years and I paid lots and lots of money to make it straight. I had Keratin treatments for a long time until my hair finally got fried by the process. So, this whole natural curly thing was new to me after having short and straight looks for such a long period of time.

I always wondered how celebs had really pretty perfect hair and now I know how! They had the help of some special hair tool friends called, “The Deep Waver.” There are many brands for the deep waver to choose from and I decided to go with Hot Tools. Probably the most popular choice would be Bed Head as it is the cheapest of the deep wavers, that I have seen. But, I have never really liked Bed Head hair products, as they did not quite work for me; so that is why I went with the brand I did.

What is a deep waver you ask? Well, just think of it as the 1980’s crimper of today!

Deep Waver


Hot Tools Deep WaverAs you can see from the pictures, the upside down “U” shape is designed to create big waves. Here are some pictures of how it looks on my hair (before and after). In the “before” pictures, I have just blow dried my hair with my hands and used no tools at all. So, it is going to be crazy, unruly, and dry looking hair. But, this gives you a good idea of how you can take my 80’s hair and make it look movie star ready!


Before Hair


After Hair

What I love about this product is that it not only smoothes your hair, but really transforms it. I can now have control over my hair and manipulate it in a way I never really could before. I did not put any product in my hair when I used this tool. You can put hairspray in your hair first, to get an even stiffer wave, if you like. I like my hair more natural and I like it soft, so I opted not use any hair product before I waved. I do have a lot of hair and it is thick, so it does usually take me about 25 to 30 minutes to wave my hair. You can take small sections or large sections, depending on the look you want to achieve (short or wide waves). I usually let the deep waver heat up for 10-15 minutes before I use it. When I do use it, I count 20 seconds for the length of time I keep the waver on each section of hair. Also, I do not straighten my hair before using the waver; but you could straighten your hair with a flat iron first if you so choose. It all depends on what you are going for in your look. There are a lot of options for how you want the turn out to be. I bought my waver on Ebay () as the shipping is always free and I paid $41 for it. Totally worth the price :-).

Read my lips, as I give this product 5 out of 5 lipsticks up!

Read my lipsRead my lipsRead my lipsRead my lipsRead my lips

~ Nikki, Fashion Editor

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