Product Review: Revlon Colorburst Balm

Lipstick really is a makeup product that enhances the lips to make them more luscious looking. My lips are usually boring because I am cautious in buying lipsticks. I usually hate to spend the money in case they don’t work out (don’t look good, wrong shade, or don’t last). Some stores will let you try certain “tester” shades but what if you are at Target or Walgreens, where you need lipstick in a hurry and there is no tester?!

There are so many different lipsticks, laquers, and balms to choose from and as you can see from the commercial below, it was enticing to me because these colors seemed fun and flirty for summer. What I hate about most lipsticks is that they dry your lips and they end up cracking, in which I always peel the skin off my lips with my teeth (gross right?!). I liked that these balms were infused with moisturizers like mango, coconut, and shea butter. This balm is also appealing to me because I am as pale as Emma Stone in the commercial, so I feel like I got a real good sense of what these would look like on me, since we are obviously both vampires.

I bought 3 Revlon Colorburst Balms below:

  • Shiny darker pink laquer balm called “Whimsical or shade 115
  • Red matt balm called “Standout” or shade 250
  • Light pink shade called “Cherish Devotion” or shade 015

I decided to give you gals the real scoop on if these Revlon Colorburst Balms really do have staying power or not?.  This review is for the red matt lipstick (center lipstick).

Colorburst Lipstick


Matt Red “Standout” Balm (Just Applied)


Red Matt “Standout” Balm (4 Hours Later)

I decided to do a before and after test, just to see how good the product really is. I applied the matt red “Standout” balm at work at 10:30am. I gave it the full apply and did not blot at all. The picture makes it look a bit more pink than the red shade it really was. I went about my day as usual and did not put any pressure on myself to “keep the lipstick/balm on.” I had lunch, drank water, and talked on the phone. I purposely made it a point to not care about my lipstick because I wanted to feel as though these would be the things I would do regardless if it was on or off. At 2:30, in the picture after 4 hours of wear, my lips still had a slight tint to them.

When I applied the balm, it went on so easy and it was really effortless to make it look good. I didn’t really need to blot away the mess like lipsticks leave. It was smooth and I just smeared my lips together, cleaned up a lip line for like a sec and voila! What I liked about this balm was that it did feel moisturizing to me. Once it wore off, I did not feel myself wanting to pull off all my cracked lip skin. I could have done the test every hour or every two hours, but at that point, I feel that ya’ll would have been so sick of all my 8-10 lip pics at different intervals. I really wanted to see after a long duration of time, what the wear off would be, as I really wanted to see its staying power. I would say all in all, that this was a good buy. I really feel that you would get your money’s worth ($5-9 depending on store). I feel like I really did a lot with my lips in that 4 hour time span (get your minds out of the gutter!) and if you saw my lips in person, they still had a tinge of color as opposed to a bare lip. What I also liked about this balm is that it is a crayon which needs no sharpening. Just keep twisting the crayon up (like an eyeliner that needs no sharpening). As opposed to ordinary lipsticks, I really feel like you could leave this in the car in your glove compartment and it wouldn’t melt as bad as a traditional lipstick.

Read my lips, as I give this product 4 out of 5 lipsticks up!

Read my lipsRead my lipsRead my lipsRead my lips

 ~ Nikki, Fashion Editor

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