Retro ‘Amy Winehouse’ Found Dead

Amy Winehouse was a very talented singer, whose wardrobe truly reflected a style all her own. She was most well known for her ‘beehive’ hairdo and cat eye eyeliner. She lived in a retro world and unfortunately, her time abruptly came to and end, too quickly in 2011 of this year. Having a drug addiction […]

Fashion Gets a Bad Rap!

Those who are in fashion may be perceived as flighty, flitzy, and air-headed.  While this may be true for a select few, it certainly is not true for all of us!  Now let’s think about this; what in the world would give others this impression of us?  Hmm…?  Oh, I got it!  It might have […]

Avant-Garde Fashion: Balloon Couture

Avant-garde fashion has taken a major “twist” when it comes to designing balloon fashions. Balloons are not only great for parties, weddings, and water fights, but they serve an entirely new purpose. Fashionable balloon dresses and outfits are “popping” up in unusual places. Who are the designers? I asked this question and found the answer. […]

Lady Gaga’s Inspired Eye Enlarging Contacts

Everyone seems to be going Gaga over a new eye enlarging phenomena.  Thanks to the one and only Lady Gaga, she has her fans singing a new tune to her interesting look in her video, “Bad Romance.” When I saw this video, I actually thought that she was digitally enhanced or photoshoped. I didn’t know […]