Ask Peter: How to Avoid Awkward Moments at a First Date

Whoever did not have a catastrophic first date among you can cast the first stone. Really, we all had our fair share of dates-gone-bad. You know that feeling when you’re watching a movie and you feel embarrassed because of the cast’s failures? Now, remember the scene from “When Harry Met Sally” and the infamous double […]

New Contributor: Karla Vazquez

Karla has always been interested in fashion – she has a degree in Fashion Marketing & Management to prove it! Lately, she has been digging the worlds of fashion and fitness. Karla believes you don’t have to spend a fortune to look fabulous so deal hunting is also a passion. “Every woman and man has […]

New Contributor: Peter Minkoff

Meet the new contributor, Peter Minkoff! About Peter: Peter is a beauty & fashion editor at HighStyleLife magazine located in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a stylist for few fashion events in Brisbane. Beside fashion & beauty, he loves reading, making DIY cosmetics and traveling around tropical […]

New Contributor: Florie Buerki

Meet the new contributor, Florie Buerki! About Florie: Hardworker and fashionista are the words that describe me best. As an international student, I am about to successfully accomplish one of my proudest achievements in life: a Bachelor in Fashion Marketing and Design. While working hard for school, I also have been assisting a music company […]

New Contributor: Monica Terry

Meet the new contributor, Monica Terry! About Monica: Monica Terry is a Fashion Merchandising graduate/aspiring fashion stylist currently residing in the Houston, TX area.  She has several years of working experience as a merchandiser from fashion jewelry to apparel.  Monica expresses her love of fashion not only through the clothes that she wears but primarily […]

New Contributor: Chanae Houska

Meet the new contributor, Chanae Houska! About Chanae: “Chanae is a burgeoning designer and fashion critic. Fashion is amazing because it is how we communicate non-verbally with everyone around us. Fashion is the culmination of all the events, emotions, and personal taste of a specific person. By studying fashion we learn more about the people […]