Popular Piercings

What better way to start the New Year, than with one of the latest body piercing trends? As body piercing becomes more popular, many people are seeking exotic piercing ideas to adorn their bodies. From back dimple piercing to Christina piercing, get stuck into fashion on the piercing scene in 2013. Currently, highly searched in […]

Diamonds You Can Sell, But a Tattoo Lasts Forever!

This past decade, a new and disturbing trend has emerged in fashion and I am not talking about anything to do with Lady Gaga! I am referring to the new accessory that can be a permanent way to describe how much you love someone or how much of a die hard sports fan you are. […]

Body Bling for a New Generation

Before when you wanted to make a fashion statement and try body modification you pierced your navel, nose, and even got a beauty mark. But for the more adventurous diva, there is something more permanent. Microdermals or dermal anchors are piercing that are just below the skin’s surface and give the client the ability to […]

Riding on Coatails

At what particular point in fashion has “EMO” stepped in and taken over? It seems to me that this whole EMO thing is just capitalizing off of what has already been done. Point-in-case, Punk originates, then comes Goth, then comes Emo-tional. It seems as though EMO has derived clothing aspects from both of these groups. […]

Recycling Gone Wrong?

Lady Gaga’s ‘fame monster’ creation is big on recycling fashion designer’s big couture moments of fashion. She even recycles her own moment on the runway for Gareth Pugh  in Spring 2007. Recycling on this level shows that if it was good before, she’ll revisit it and still be over the top. Unfortunately, lately she is […]

Jean Paul Gaultier Collaborates with La Perla

His exclusive 23-piece collection for La Perla not only includes several variations on the “rocket cone” corsetry, in pale ‘boudoir pink’ and jet-black, originally designed for Madonna’s ‘Blonde Ambition’ world tour of 1990, but an entire wardrobe of seductive and suggestive designs. Each one “a celebration of the female body” – and each one, as […]