Figure 8 Neck Scarves

I know that scarves have been around forever, but I feel like they are really in style now. Before when you went to the store, all you found was just one long scarf. Now it is all about the Figure 8 Scarves. I like these kinds of scarves because they drape easily, you can dress […]

Holiday Nails!

The holidays are here, so you know what that means right? No, no, no, I didn’t mean stuffing your face with cookies, chocolates, and stale fruit cake (best used as door stoppers). What I’m trying to say is that this is a time of glitter, tinsel, and sparkling decorative nails. Christmas and New Years is […]

Pillowcase Fashion

We all know you sleep on pillowcases, but have you ever thought of wearing them? I am sure you have just about a dozen or more pillowcases tossed in your linen closet right? And are they just sitting there or are you actually using them? Turn your unused cases into wearable skirts and dresses made by […]

Recyled Fashion: Men’s Dress Shirt

As women, we are always trying to find good deals and bargains.  But, have you ever thought of re-using unexpected clothing items?  Ever wonder what you can make using a men’s dress shirt? There are so many possibilities, but so little time! Here are some great ideas for how to recycle clothing from your boyfriend, […]