Measurable Difference Eyeshadow Giveaway!

“This is a sponsored post, powered by BrandBacker” William Shakespeare once said “The Eyes are the window to your soul.” Your eyes convey many emotions without even having to say a word. Let your eyes make a powerful statement to others by wearing Measurable Difference eyeshadow! These are the very eyeshadows that you can win! […]

GIVEAWAY: Autographed Make-up by ONE DIRECTION

Would you like to WIN an autographed “Looks Collection” Makeup Tin by One Direction? Macy’s is officially launching the collection at it’s stores.  It’s Giveaway Time!!! GIVEAWAY DETAILS: To enter the giveaway you will be asked to enter your email, like the FB page, & post to Twitter. Additional entries can be earned by referring friends, […]

Product Review: Makeup by ONE DIRECTION

* This is a Sponsored Post, Powered by BrandBacker * So, you love One Direction’s music do you? Well, they are singing to the beat of another tune called…their own makeup line!!  Their makeup is really headed in the right “Direction” if I say so myself. Here is a sneak peak of one of their […]

Virtual Makeup with GlamST

When we are out buying makeup at a store, isn’t it all guess work that it will look good on us? We pick up products, examine them, and imagine wearing that eye shadow, lipstick, or mascara. I am sure that after you bought the product, there might be a possible let down as it may not be the […]

The Mascara Guard

As of lately, I feel like I keep seeing this “Mascara Guard” product to apply your mascara. Have I personally used this before? No. But, I feel like it is trending right now and deserves a look at. I have to say that at least 2 times a week, I poke myself in the eye […]

Ask Mike: Makeup on Women

Have you ever wanted to know what guys think about women’s clothing?  Mike gives his expert opinion and answers your most burning questions! Question: “Do men prefer women with makeup or without (natural)?” Answer: The question is a bit general and I’ve actually had a tough time coming up with an answer because there are so […]