Back to the 50’s!

Sophisticated, stylish, and beautiful: the three words that encompass the 50’s (the golden era of fashion). The Fifties were dedicated to femininity and elegance, with beautiful nipped-in waists, hair in elegant up-dos, and the classic red lipstick. The Fifties were amazing and a key point-in-time, for fashion. Recently, over the past few years, prior fashion […]

Save the Boobies!

It is officially October and that means Breast Cancer Awareness Month! This month means empowerment for any and all women who know or have been touched by someone with this disease. Pink is the official “Girl Power” color that symbolizes a unity of strength for all women. Clothing represents your internal thoughts expressed on your […]

To Suspend or Not to Suspend…That is the Question

Ok, so suspenders ARE in style for those trendy hipsters who “get the look.” I think suspenders get a bad rap when it comes to fashion. I feel like they are placed in the category of “fanny pack meets overalls.” They get associated with “Steve Urkel” from Family Matters. He may have put suspenders on […]

J-Lo and Marc Anthony at Kohls!

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s relationship has inspired a clothing line for each of them at Kohl’s. Jenny may be in your block as we speak! You are only a Kohl’s away from getting her affordable looks and looking J-Lo glam! Oh, let’s not forget about good ol’ Marc now, as his style is something […]


Skulls have been holding strong now for quite some time and are still popular among the masses. I just LOVE them! Skulls ultimately are associated with death, but they are not dead yet! Skulls have been made so popular by “Pirates of the Caribean” and I have even seen the skulls on children’s clothing. The skull symbolizes […]

Kohl’s Designer Fashions for Less

Did you know that Kohl’s department stores are now offering famous celebrity designer names? Wouldn’t have guessed it right? Kohl’s is now the new mecca for affordable and stylish fashions, with a name brand tag. It seems to me as though this store seems to do very well among the teenagers shopping in their Junior’s department. The […]