The Peplum Problem

Women come in all shapes and sizes. It is this diversity that makes us beautiful. A woman’s individual style and shape should be encouraged and celebrated. That being said, let’s have a conversation about peplums. While there may be a fashion that surfaces that is flirty and cute on other people, we must always keep […]

Beachwear Makes A Return From the 1940’s

Beachwear styles have been around over the many years; the only thing we really know is that eventually the classic looks will always comeback. Just as the temperature goes from cold to hot, new styles of bathing suits begin to end up at stores and an old 40’s trend has been resurrected. High wasted bathing suits… […]

Mood Rings: Tell the Present, Not the Future!

I know what you are going to say, “Aren’t you a little old for a mood ring?” Why not at all, I say dear Watson! You are as old as you make yourself feel, so enjoy the little girl that hides inside you sometimes. So, where is all this going you ask? Well, it all […]

Put Your Style to the Test!

So, you think you know how to style outfits together?  You may think you know what looks good but why not show me.  There is a great website called Couturious.  It lets you create a number of looks using different models, clothing, and backgrounds.  You are in control and you decide what look and feel […]

Are Young Girls Dressing Too Grown Up?

Mothers its time to take back our daughters… “I’m a material girl living in a material world”…. Uh-oh!!! Madonna is now a trend setter for our young girls ages 10-14.  There are little girls who want to look like mini women. I pose a question: “When is a top and shirt too short and too tight?” I’m […]