Product Review: Hot Tools Deep Waver

My hair is naturally curly, so did I ever think aboutĀ curling, crimping, or creating fake waves in my hair? The answer was “No” until I actually grew my hair out. I only starting thinking about creating different looks with my hair as I faced the inevitable challenge of making my unruly curls into something manageable. […]

Product Review: Bumble and Bumble ‘The Straight Line’

I do believe I am living in the wrong decade. If it was the 1980’s, I would be the most popular girl with the biggest hair around. No teasing or hairspray needed for my natural curly hair. If your hair is anything like mine, it is most likely thick, course, curly, unruly, big, frizzy, and […]

Newest Hair Craze: Argan/Moroccan Oil

It seems as though all of a sudden, Argan/Moroccan Oil is popping up everywhere these days. I know that hair oil has been used in the past, but it is more valuable now, than ever. I think that ever since Japanese Hair Straightening and now Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatments have hit the market, they are […]

Nikki Minaj Gets “Wiggy” With It!

Ever since Lady GaGa broke out her collection of wigs, she paved the way for others to ride on her coat tails. It seems that rap-star singer, Nikki Minaj is not going to let Ms. GaGa have all the ‘Fame.’ Even though you know that Nikki is wearing wigs, they actually look great and you […]

Put a Braid in it!

How many of you gals remember getting your hair braided? Remember how good it felt and how you just couldn’t wait for the finishing touch: a fancy ribbon! As we young girls grew older into women, we knew it was time to throw away the ponytails šŸ˜„ By wearing our hair down and without braids, […]

Product Review: Keratin Complex Hair Straightening

Hey ladies, it’s about time that we get “straight” to the point and stop fooling ourselves. Let’s face we have BIG hair and it needs major containment- like pronto!! I am one of those gals that got oh-so-lucky with the dreaded locks of my mother. I have thick, course, curly, frizzy, puffy,Ā and big hair! I […]