Ask Peter: His Bachelor Party

As much as couples I know are ecstatic about tying the knot, there is one little pre-wedding event that drives many people crazy, and by people, I mean future brides. While some of my gal pals who got married were all cool as cucumbers regarding their guys’ bachelor party, the latest one to put on […]

What Women Want: Men in Suits!

Excuse me, I’m looking for a Few Good Men in Suits! Um, what happened to men wearing suits? Especially on Valentines weekend to be “exact!” I was watching the movie the “Untouchables” and yes, I was home alone! Did I mention it was Valentine’s Day weekend? Kevin Costner was dressed in a pinstripe brown suit […]

Ask Brian: What Constitutes Sexy?

Have you ever wanted to know what guys think about women’s clothing?  Brian gives his expert opinion and answers your most burning questions! Question: What constitutes sexy? A tight fitting shirt that shows cleavage with form fitting jeans OR a girl wearing her boyfriend’s t-shirt? Answer: All guys like legs, hips, breasts, and waists; it’s fairly […]