Holiday Nails!

The holidays are here, so you know what that means right? No, no, no, I didn’t mean stuffing your face with cookies, chocolates, and stale fruit cake (best used as door stoppers). What I’m trying to say is that this is a time of glitter, tinsel, and sparkling decorative nails. Christmas and New Years is […]

OMG Shoes!

Shoes are a very necessary part of a wardrobe.  No one walks around barefoot unless you’re in a nudist colony.  Even in pornos, women are naked but still wearing shoes!  Shoes have come a long way over the decades and they have transormed the avant-garde and media world. In the late 80’s, in 1988 to be exact, […]

Fashion Inspired by Art or Art Inspiring Fashion?

Lately, I’m not sure if couture imitates Lady Gaga or is inspired by the late Alexander McQueen? From the looks of the pastel heart shaped hairdos at Chanel to the lampshade lace ensembles at Givenchy, the new lines of fashion seemed to be heavily inspired by the iconic fashion designer and his daring sense of […]