Back to the 50’s!

Sophisticated, stylish, and beautiful: the three words that encompass the 50’s (the golden era of fashion). The Fifties were dedicated to femininity and elegance, with beautiful nipped-in waists, hair in elegant up-dos, and the classic red lipstick. The Fifties were amazing and a key point-in-time, for fashion. Recently, over the past few years, prior fashion […]

Riding on Coatails

At what particular point in fashion has “EMO” stepped in and taken over? It seems to me that this whole EMO thing is just capitalizing off of what has already been done. Point-in-case, Punk originates, then comes Goth, then comes Emo-tional. It seems as though EMO has derived clothing aspects from both of these groups. […]

Recycling Gone Wrong?

Lady Gaga’s ‘fame monster’ creation is big on recycling fashion designer’s big couture moments of fashion. She even recycles her own moment on the runway for Gareth Pugh  in Spring 2007. Recycling on this level shows that if it was good before, she’ll revisit it and still be over the top. Unfortunately, lately she is […]

Ladies the Fifties are Back!

It’s amazing how we ran from the ideologies of the 50’s, swearing we would never repeat the same mistakes or patterns of our parents. In 2010, it’s ironic how we repeat the very thing we wanted to escape back then. Especially when told to “cross your legs, wear pantyhose with a dress, and always wear dinner gloves with your […]

Pillowcase Fashion

We all know you sleep on pillowcases, but have you ever thought of wearing them? I am sure you have just about a dozen or more pillowcases tossed in your linen closet right? And are they just sitting there or are you actually using them? Turn your unused cases into wearable skirts and dresses made by […]

Recyled Fashion: Men’s Dress Shirt

As women, we are always trying to find good deals and bargains.  But, have you ever thought of re-using unexpected clothing items?  Ever wonder what you can make using a men’s dress shirt? There are so many possibilities, but so little time! Here are some great ideas for how to recycle clothing from your boyfriend, […]