Fashion Don’t: Fake Tattoo Sleeves and Stickers

Tattoos are the perfect fashion accessory, but only when they are the real deal! No fakes please! You can spot a fake a million miles away, as it just looks so cheesy. No adult should sport one on an everyday basis, as this is a big no no. The only cases where fake tattoos are […]

Avant-Garde Fashion: Condom Couture

Condom Couture Designers are always thinking of new materials for clothing to enhance their designs. But, how about clothing made from condoms? No, not used! Many of the condoms used to create designs are made from quality tested, rejected condoms that may have defects. Why throw them away when we can recycle them! I wanted […]

Avant-Garde Fashion: Balloon Couture

Avant-garde fashion has taken a major “twist” when it comes to designing balloon fashions. Balloons are not only great for parties, weddings, and water fights, but they serve an entirely new purpose. Fashionable balloon dresses and outfits are “popping” up in unusual places. Who are the designers? I asked this question and found the answer. […]

OMG Shoes!

Shoes are a very necessary part of a wardrobe.  No one walks around barefoot unless you’re in a nudist colony.  Even in pornos, women are naked but still wearing shoes!  Shoes have come a long way over the decades and they have transormed the avant-garde and media world. In the late 80’s, in 1988 to be exact, […]