Popular Piercings

What better way to start the New Year, than with one of the latest body piercing trends? As body piercing becomes more popular, many people are seeking exotic piercing ideas to adorn their bodies. From back dimple piercing to Christina piercing, get stuck into fashion on the piercing scene in 2013. Currently, highly searched in […]

Hello Kitty…Eye See You!

It seems that Hello Kitty is not only dominating the toy world, but is now an eye catching trend. I thought that the cooky Halloween contacts were pushing the envelope when it came the saying, WTF? Well, it seems that spooky has turned into cutesy. I would find it rather bizarre to see through the […]

Le Mustache…Here in a Flash!

So, I am really confused as to when the “Mustache” was ever in? I thought that mustaches were cool only in bad pornos; maybe I was wrong? This so-called mustache trend has suddenly started ‘growing in’ with well, everyone worldwide! It is time to open with welcome arms, this good old mustache motorcycle bars trend […]

Body Bling for a New Generation

Before when you wanted to make a fashion statement and try body modification you pierced your navel, nose, and even got a beauty mark. But for the more adventurous diva, there is something more permanent. Microdermals or dermal anchors are piercing that are just below the skin’s surface and give the client the ability to […]

Fashion Gets a Bad Rap!

Those who are in fashion may be perceived as flighty, flitzy, and air-headed.  While this may be true for a select few, it certainly is not true for all of us!  Now let’s think about this; what in the world would give others this impression of us?  Hmm…?  Oh, I got it!  It might have […]

Fashion Don’t: Fake Tattoo Sleeves and Stickers

Tattoos are the perfect fashion accessory, but only when they are the real deal! No fakes please! You can spot a fake a million miles away, as it just looks so cheesy. No adult should sport one on an everyday basis, as this is a big no no. The only cases where fake tattoos are […]