5 Changes You Must Accept as Newlyweds

Newlyweds are couples still in their honeymoon stage. They are fresh and glowing. They just finished walking the aisle, exchanging their vows, and saying “yes” to spending their lives together. However, getting married is only a step to committing to the person. The rest of the work comes from your daily life.

Living in the same house, working on their careers, balancing their finances, and raising their kids are some of the responsibilities pressuring each person. Fights may ensue when there’s constant pressure which may lead them to forget their love and promises to each other. Thus, several newlyweds seek marital advice from their parents, relatives, and marriage councilors to keep a happy and lasting relationship.

Improving the relationship starts with the self. If you wish to keep you and your partner happy and satisfied, you must try adapting and changing a few habits and old way of thinking. Below are five changes you must accept as newlyweds to improve your lives.

1. You must stick by your house rules.


Though you are united as one, it’s important to establish boundaries and expectations as individuals. You must not lose sight of what’s important. Don’t let the disappointment of your partner keep you from voicing the limits you wish to set for your relationship. At the same time, be open to the rules they have especially when it’s meant to improve your marriage. Setting house rules and boundaries will minimize the instances you resent your partner and avoid conflicts arising from confusion.

2. You must give time for bedroom action.


Keeping an active sex life encourages intimacy. Once in a while, you must spice things up to eliminate the problems from lack of touch. It helps when you are open to trying new things to bring each other’s fantasy to life. Before getting dirty under the sheets, you must check the feng shui 2018 Philippines practices to get the best quality of energy in your bedroom. Following the feng shui guide balances your inner chi during sleep. A good night’s sleep clears your mind and gives you strength to get some bedroom action.

3. You must schedule time for your dates.


Other than exploring your bedroom action, you must continue to share new experiences. If you don’t have a couple’s bucket list, it may be time for you to create one. Discovering what each is capable of, unveils how you resolve challenges while creating new memories. Traveling to a new place, trying different cuisines, and sharing your passion leads you to develop a closer bond than before. You will have new inside jokes and flirting styles which brings back the initial spark of falling in love. Setting time for your dates breaks the monotony of daily life’s routine.

4. You must respect each other’s point of view.


Even if you are right, you must listen and acknowledge your partner’s opinion and perspective. If you want to work things out and avoid a full-blown argument, you must work hard to see the other side of the conversation. Sometimes, you don’t have to understand the way they feel. You merely have to accept what they feel at the moment. It’s also a plus when you learn to compromise. Practicing empathy by thinking through your partner’s perspective places you on the other side of the situation. That way, you learn not to force your opinion on the situation.

5. You must support your teammate.


It’s now both of you against the world. You turn to each other when you encounter difficulties. There are times when the other feels taken for granted so don’t forget to acknowledge what they do for you. Show your gratitude for the little things they offer. Appreciate the effort they extend to make you feel better. Good communication makes it easy for both of you to share sentiments. It also breaches the gap during emotional exchanges. Avoid accusations by using the ‘I’ language. Start with “I feel…” than “You always…” so your partner won’t be defensive.

A relationship is a ‘give-and-take’ situation. Both people involved in it must strike a balance on how and what to give and receive. Both parties must be willing to change themselves to improve their relationship. If no one is willing to adjust for the marriage, the foundation of their union becomes fragile as time passes by.

Janice Jaramillo, Associate Editor

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