5 Tips for Choosing a Perfect Wedding Venue

For an engaged couple in Sydney, one of the most important and stressful things about the upcoming wedding is finding a fabulous venue to make your wedding perfect. Some people even look for the venue first and adjust the date with the availability of that venue. So, if this is something that you have to deal with, or will have to in the near future, here are some tips to make the process shorter and easier.

Know the number of guests


Before you even think about searching for an adequate venue, you should know approximately how many people you are inviting to your wedding. Some may not attend, but there could be a few uninvited ones, so have some estimated number. This is important since not all venues are big enough to accommodate large wedding groups. On the other hand, some venues ask for a minimal number of guests, and if there aren’t enough guests on the big day, they will still charge for the minimal number of seats and meals.

Choose your wedding date


Set the date that will work for you, and then start looking for your dream venue. Being flexible about the date can also save you some money and time. For example, if you don’t mind getting married on a Friday, rather than a Saturday or Sunday, you’ll be more likely to come across an available venue. Also, if you don’t insist on getting married in May or June, and months like November or February will also do, you can maybe get a venue in Sydney that you may not be able to afford during the wedding season.

Start looking on time


As soon as you set the date, start calling the venues you’re interested in. The point is that you should start your search as early as possible since the best and the most popular venues in Sydney have to be booked months, and some even years ahead. A venue is not just about the size, but also style, design, its surroundings and the view. This is particularly important when it comes to wedding photos. This is why you shouldn’t waste your time with the booking since it’s the only way you can get a breathtaking waterfront restaurant in Sydney, to make the evening unforgettable for you and give your guests something to talk about months after your big day.

Do your homework


If you don’t know where to start from, the safest thing would be to start on the internet. Any venue worth taking into account has an online presentation, but that’s not the only thing for you to check. What you really want to read are the opinions of other couples who had their weddings there. Big cities like Sydney have numerous places for you to consider, so narrow your search down by learning if the ones you like have good client reviews and if their price to quality ratio is good enough for you. Also, photos made by other people will often tell you if you want to go and see the place in person, or simply skip it for something better.

Study the space


You only want the best for your wedding, so choose a venue that has enough space, but also designated areas for your guests to wine and dine, socialize and dance. However, if the venue is shaped weirdly, for instance in an ‘S’ or ‘T’ shape, you might want to reconsider it. What you need is a big space with a clear view of everything, and with a nice party flow. Look at the location of the columns and check for any other visible obstacles that could possibly prevent your guests from seeing you during your first dance or cutting the wedding cake. Another important thing is the privacy of the venue. You don’t really want it to be in a park or another public place, where anybody can simply walk by and drop in.

There are always headaches when planning a wedding, but being prepared and knowing what you want can help significantly. After all, it’s your big day and all you should be feeling is love and bliss.

Diana Smith, Associate Editor

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