Still Trending – Top Wedding Trends in 2018

Weddings are very special for everyone involved: the newlyweds want to celebrate their love and spend the day with the people they love, and the guests are there to make the celebration even more grand and magical. As with everything in life, there are certain trends that are more or less prominent every season, but this year’s wedding trends are something special. Despite the fact October is on our doorstep, certain wedding trends are still going strong:



Even though everyone can agree that flowers will never ever go out of style at weddings, a fun new alternative has been taken the world by the storm – balloons! Not only do they look fun and charming, but they can also be elegant and luxurious too. Not to mention that some couples will gladly pick balloons over flowers because this is also a greener option. You can arrange them so that they resemble garlands, you can have them suspended from the ceiling, or hire someone to shape them into a mural-like wall installation that will look amazing on photos.



Looking at the wedding bouquets of Meghan Markel and Kate Middleton, one could easily come to a conclusion that huge cascading bouquets are a thing of the past. Then again, though the fact that a lot of brides choose to have simple bouquets made of baby’s breath and roses, there are so many girls who choose to go back in style and evoke the image of Princess Diana’s massive cascading arrangement instead. Still, a more modern look is present these days and florists love the chance to mix a great number of different blooms in order to create an explosion of hues. Not to mention that greenery trend of previous years is still going strong in 2018.

Unexpected palettes and textures


One might think that light and airy colours are popular only for spring weddings, but it’s not the case. Blush, mint, and peach have been gracing wedding venues all year long, but as the end of the year draws near, colour palettes are deepening. More dramatic hues such as emerald, navy, and burgundy appear not only in floral arrangements but in 3-piece men’s wedding suits as well. Textures too play a huge role in groomsmen ensembles so there are plenty of tweed suits and herringbone patterns. Velvet is also very popular, but people choose to use it for centrepieces and decoration rather than to wear suits made of it.



Brides have something to look forward to: interesting sleeves on wedding dresses are in focus. We’re talking about all kinds of sleeves out there: caps, bells, and barely-there ones can be seen on wedding dresses everywhere. Another thing that 2018 saw in terms of wedding dress trends is the cape: brides chose to have capes made of delicate lace, sheer muslin, capes with hoods, embroidered with crystals and beads, lace capelets, and pearl-encrusted designs. Instead of a classic veil, many brides chose to wear a cape, and it’s a trend we fell in love with.

Non-traditional venues


Outdoor weddings will forever be popular, but couples have started exploring alternative options too, which is the reason why we have so many weddings held at unexpected places: old barns, farms, and industrial spaces in particular. The last ones are some of the most popular locations for 2018 weddings, and we’re guessing that the trend will continue the following year too. These spaces have a relaxed feel and “blank slate” vibe, yet they’re edgier and much more hip than barn venues.

If you’re hoping to make your wedding as fashionable as possible, it’s important to start on time. Also, you shouldn’t follow trends blindly because you’ll end up with photos and memories you might not even like just for the sake of trends. Stay true to yourself and embrace the trends you find charming and beautiful, but be aware that things will change in the months and years to come.

Diana Smith, Associate Editor

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