The 2019 Wedding Trends Explained

If one of the things on your 2019 to-do list is to get married to the person you love, then you are in luck! The wedding trends for this year are completely game-changing while at the same time giving you enough room to be completely and unapologetically yourself. So let’s see what this year has in stock:

The dress

This year is really reaping all the benefits of the path laid out by the past seasons and capitalizing on all the styles of the previous year. And first, we’re talking color: While you can still opt for the plain white gown, a lot of brides are choosing to say their vows in a colorful dress, passing over tradition. Or make sure you’re both a princess and completely comfortable by having two dresses – a white ball gown for the official part and a more practical, colorful one for the party afterwards. Women that are tired of feeling constricted in their dresses have spoken – and practical dresses are coming in like a flood. Everything from suits to dresses with pockets to make you comfortable and keep you going throughout the day. You should also keep in mind that sleeves are back in style – thanks, Meghan!

Be conscious

If there is a word someone could use to describe weddings, “wasteful” is not a pretty one, but also not inaccurate. Just think of all of the flowers that get thrown away after the ceremony, or the outfits that are never worn again. Well, the brides and grooms of 2019 are turning away from that and opting for weddings that give back. Some might omit the bouquets altogether and place some potted flowers that can continue to grow after the ceremony, or they will have their wedding in a community building that isn’t that well off, and give it a little facelift that will remain after the guests have cleared.


Restaurants and backyards just aren’t cutting it anymore. Couples are looking more and more for places with personality: a place that means something to them and where they can feel comfortable. They might organize their wedding in a gallery, a greenhouse or even a library. Those who are more practical will go where they already have half of the work done, like their favorite pub or Sydney’s beautiful Archie Rose Distillery. Having your wedding at a place that you usually spend time in will make it all the more personal, cut down on the decorating bill and help your friends and family see a place you might not have otherwise taken them to. Plus, if you’re a regular there, you know that the staff will be on your side.


We’ve had wedding videos shot with drones, projections of the happy couple on a screen and e-invites, but this year, wedding tech is expected to be taken to a whole new level. There are now micro cameras being placed in the bride’s bouquet or on the groom’s tie so that you can rewatch the day from your – or your significant other’s – perspective. You can also treat your cake by having the decorations 3D printed or videos being projected on all four sides of the cake. Not to mention tech that your guests will appreciate and enjoy like wireless charging stations, customized wedding photo filters or a live feed of your wedding for everyone who couldn’t be there in person to watch. Remember that all of these trends are just suggestions, and if you want to have a retro traditional wedding – that’s still on the table. Use the trends to your advantage and pick out what you want to bring your wedding to the next level. Who knows – if you plan an amazing wedding, you just might be the next wedding trendsetter!

Diana Smith, Associate Editor

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