The Perfect Wedding Food Catering For Your Reception Venue

A well-thought party menu is undoubtedly one of the most essential components of a successful wedding reception. After all, who does not love to indulge onto a wide range of delicacies that not only look good but taste great too. But the problem is, like any other element of the wedding, there are too many options out there. So, how should you decide what to serve at your reception? To help you grab the best of wedding food catering ideas, this article uncovers interesting tips and tricks that will help you design a fabulous menu for your reception.

The Top 5 Options For Serving Food At Reception

When it comes to a grand reception, the wedding food catering companies feature five amazing serving options. These are explained below:

1. Buffet

In this style, the food is served on long tables, where guests have a number of options to choose from. There can be fish, meat or a 100% vegan entree that will give them an opportunity to select their favourite dishes. A basket full of bread rolls is even placed on each table. This style is usually meant for large parties where the total number of guests is about 100 or more, typically useful when you want to spoil the attendees with multiple options.

2. Plated Style

Plated dinner is a traditional setting, something that has been a part of wedding celebrations for ages. In this, the reception venue will have round tables, and each would accommodate about six to eight guests. The dishes would be served to them in three courses, containing an appetizer, main course and dessert. At present, some couples love to serve a fourth course as well, which is a palate cleaner served prior to the main course.

Even though the choice of dishes gets predetermined by the wedding food catering company, there are places where you can customise according to your needs.

3. Family Style

The family style reception is more of sit-down dinner, where guests will get to sit on the pre-arranged tables. But, here the guests will be serving themselves from a large platter as seen in any home. Thus, family style is more of a buffet on every table. Over years, this is turning out to be one of the most popular wedding food catering style, and for this service, it is crucial to identify caterers who have the experience and competence in this particular style of serving.

In this style, most of the catering companies feature dining packages to choose from, where each course tends to complement the other, which leaves absolutely no room for any worries. However, most of the catering firms provide an option to select wines. Do ensure that you understand the choices of your guests and make a smart selection.

4. Cocktail Style

In a cocktail style reception, the wedding food catering will serve cold and hot appetizers, along with light snacks. These can either be passed to the guests by the servers or be placed on round tables, allowing guests to grab a bite of the dish that they want. This is more of a casual style that is best for small venues that want an informal touch. Plus, you can also accommodate more people into the venue without having the tables. 

5. White glove style

Also known as Russian style of serving food, this is a formal alternative to plated meals. Servers wear white gloves and serve food from heated platters. The guests sit on a table with their plates spread in the front.

As you are trying to figure out what exactly to serve and the style that will be suitable for your reception, never forget to make the most of the expertise of wedding food catering company. Remember, they’ve handled successful receptions before and understand what it takes to bring out various things together for a grand and unforgettable party. At the end of the day, your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, cherish it with the services of a trustworthy caterer.

~ Anna Wrench, Associate Editor

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