Body Bling for a New Generation

Before when you wanted to make a fashion statement and try body modification you pierced your navel, nose, and even got a beauty mark. But for the more adventurous diva, there is something more permanent. Microdermals or dermal anchors are piercing that are just below the skin’s surface and give the client the ability to pierce virtually anywhere on their body. You can even get elaborate patterns pierced onto the skin.

However, there is a word of advice for those that want to try this new body modification. “Just because they buy the needle, does not make them a piercer. Scar tissue can build up from incorrect placement or shallow piercing. This can take a month to repair; “according to Rich Callaway, Professional Body Piercer for Vintage Tattoo in Chicago, IL. “I have tried to save countless piercing from some called experts at the supermall. These people aren’t qualified to pierce, let alone set a micro dermal anchor.” If you are ready to take body modification to the new level and look stylish, ask a professional about microdermals. Just remember to look at their credentials and examples of their work.

~ Rachael Zaretsky, Associate Editor


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