Searching for Steampunk Items?

Steampunk is becoming an increasingly popular counter culture movement and its aesthetic is rooted in an alternative version of the Victorian era; adding elements of technology such as clockwork, airship piloting, and romantic science fiction. Initially, Steampunk cosplayers would have to rely on their own ingenuity to put together their wardrobes, but finding the right pieces at vintage retailers can be difficult and having outfits custom made can cost a fortune. Luckily, with the growth of the genre has come a bevy of online retailers specializing specifically in Steampunk; but like anything else, some are better than others.  Knowing where to go for your Steampunk essentials is key. Once you have those, you can let your imagination run wild, putting together the details for a perfect NeoVictorian costume.


The Gentleman’s Emporium is a great website that offers a variety of Steampunk pieces, from clothing basics to theatrical details. Though the offer clothing for either sex, as the name suggests the male options are better across the board here.  They offer many beautiful period dresses and other ladies’ wear, but not much that would be suited for a Steampunk ensemble. However, the men’s selection is impressive. Their vest options alone are mind boggling. This shop also offers a wide variety of “brass bits” and accessories, but nothing particularly special or exciting [compared to some other shops], but their selection of stage mustaches is epic.

Steampunk Threads is the Hot Topic of online Steampunk stores. Their clothing is not traditional Victorian, but yet a modern re-imagining of this romantic period.  Their clothing is fun, creative, and more than a little Goth. The high quality of the clothing pieces is reflected in a higher price tag, but they often offer items on sale. They also offer a selection of inexpensive boots. Though Steampunk Threads has a category for men’s clothing, there isn’t much there of note.

Probably the most impressive overall Steampunk stores, Clockwork Couture features exclusive designs and stunning complete ensembles.  The collection of accessories is vast (the octopus parasol is particularly intriguing) and they even offer Steampunk fashions for younger fans of the genre.  While perusing the site, be sure to check out the Home Décor section to bring a bit of NeoVictorian romance into your home.


Museum Replicas is not exactly a clothing or costume store, and though they do offer a few interesting dress items, but the section you want to focus on is Steampunk weapons.  From ornate revolvers to antique looking ray guns, here you can purchase the accessory that will have every cosplayer at the convention turning green with envy. Their jewelry and gadgets section should also not be overlooked.

~ Rachael Zaretsky, Associate Editor


  1. Kris jolley says:

    Love the article. I have been a fan of the steam punk dress for awhile. Nice the know there might be a couple commercial type place to check out to create ensembles.

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