Virtual Makeup with GlamST

When we are out buying makeup at a store, isn’t it all guess work that it will look good on us? We pick up products, examine them, and imagine wearing that eye shadow, lipstick, or mascara. I am sure that after you bought the product, there might be a possible let down as it may not be the […]

Put Your Style to the Test!

So, you think you know how to style outfits together?  You may think you know what looks good but why not show me.  There is a great website called Couturious.  It lets you create a number of looks using different models, clothing, and backgrounds.  You are in control and you decide what look and feel […]

Virtual Paper Dolls

When I grew up as a kid in the 1980’s, I always used to play with paper dolls.  They very much reminded me of playing dress-up with my Barbies.  Every girl loves to play dress-up in their mother’s old prom gown and shoes.  When I played with my paper dolls, I was a queen, movie […]

Fashion Gets a Bad Rap!

Those who are in fashion may be perceived as flighty, flitzy, and air-headed.  While this may be true for a select few, it certainly is not true for all of us!  Now let’s think about this; what in the world would give others this impression of us?  Hmm…?  Oh, I got it!  It might have […]