Dog Harness Review by Mugenter

This is a sponsored post by Mugenter Fashion isn't just for humans, it's for our wonderful little pups too. I had the privilege of reviewing a very needed accessory for my dog...a dog harness! The company Mugenter is the manufacturer and brand owner of all Mugenter products. They have … [Continue reading]

Ask Peter: How to Choose Red Wine

In general, red wines are tailored to people who fancy flavorsome, full-bodied beverages. I am going to assume you want the best of the best, just like me. Well, the only problem is that shelves are packed with products that lure you with promises of best-tasting wine experience ever. In truth, to … [Continue reading]

How to Look Effortlessly Put-Together

One of the most coveted looks in recent years is the ‘effortlessly striking’ look. However, just as we’ve learned from the numerous ‘no-makeup’ makeup … [Continue reading]

Ask Peter: Winter Fitness Tips

For most of my friends winter is the time to slow down, enjoy good food and great drinks and put their fitness regimen on the backburner. But come … [Continue reading]

The Millennial Gift Guide for Any Occasion

Millennials are a picky crowd, one that is tough to please, and that’s not bad at all. On the contrary, it only helps usher in a new era in which we … [Continue reading]

It Fashion Trends for 2018

Now that we’ve said farewell to the previous year, survived the holidays, ate as much as we could and then bought a gym membership to make all those … [Continue reading]