It Fashion Trends for 2018

Now that we’ve said farewell to the previous year, survived the holidays, ate as much as we could and then bought a gym membership to make all those extra pounds go away, it’s time to embrace the new fashion season and the preparations for the new trendy styles that we are about to see daily in the … [Continue reading]

Most Popular Celebrity-Inspired Plastic Surgery Requests

Are you satisfied with the way you look? Apparently, not many people are and plastic surgeons all over the world are working hard to change that. Sometimes it's the little things: nose deviation, slightly plumper lips, Botox injections and the like, but other times, it's a bit more complex and a lot … [Continue reading]

A Guide to Swimsuits for New Moms

A lot of women seem to think that after they’ve had a baby their bodies are no longer beautiful, valuable and desirable. Dear women, get your head … [Continue reading]

Pet Product Review: Pet Magasin + (GIVEAWAY – U.S. Only)

* This is a sponsored post, powered by BrandBacker * I had the privilege of reviewing some pet products, sent to me by the brand, Pet Magasin. The … [Continue reading]

Product Review: Many Ethnicities Shampoo & Conditioner Set

I had the privilege of reviewing "Many Ethnicities" Shampoo, Conditiner, and Leave-in Conditioning Cream. The company sent me this set, free of … [Continue reading]

Ask Mathews: Do Men Love Cars More Than Their Women?

Ladies, have you ever questioned the love your man feels for you due to his seemingly unhealthy relationship with his car? Have you ever witnessed him … [Continue reading]